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ivky's Art Workshop was started years ago when Rivky had an idea to localize her teaching endeavors. Until then, Rivky had been traveling from student to student, often across town to make her appointments. For only a few hours of teaching, she spent a great deal of time in travel.

She taught in schools and in the private sector over a period of 17 years where she gained all of her experience in teaching. But not only that, she learned how to operate her own business and how to market herself in a variety of ways. But, the travel was getting to her. She was missing valuable time with her family.

Putting her business sense together and developing a solid business concept that would revolutionize the art world, Rivky found a location in Brooklyn, New York to begin what would soon be known as the Rivky's Art Workshop.  When Rivky began teaching, she painstakingly created and put into practice a proven, cost-effective, easy-to-follow and systematic program to drive students through the door, convert them into eager paying clients, and help them achieve great results.

Rivky originally ran Rivky’s Art Workshop™ on a full time basis. At its peak, Rivky’s Art Workshop™ relied on the skills of 13 part-time teachers and two part-time office staff. Rivky’s Art Workshop™ channeled the artistic energy of 684 students a week, who paid about $200 per class every two months and who returned week after week, registered for classes over and over again, and invited friends and family to join them and do the same.

While Rivky’s Art Workshop™ in Brooklyn, NY grew to nearly 700 students a week, Rivky realized that she was missing out on the precious moments that make life so special. She chose to spend more time with her children, sold her Brooklyn location, and moved into her custom designed dream home in upstate New York.

When Rivky moved to this sleepy little community, before she opened her second center, she decided that she was not going to devote more than 20 hours to her business. Using the same curriculum that worked so well for 684 students, Rivky designed her schedule, determined her class limits and opened her second Art Center.

It took Rivky only one short year to build her new center from scratch. To meet her preset limits, she allowed the center to grow to its current capacity of 137 students. Rivky’s Art Workshop™ has a waiting list full of people eagerly hoping for space to become available.

Working only 18 hours a week, in a small community in upstate New York, Rivky still earns a six figure income doing what she loves.

And the talent she reveals within each student is absolutely astounding...

About two years ago, Rivky began searching for someone to prove beyond a doubt that anyone could use The Rivky Method™ to build a thriving art center. She wanted to prove that her system could be replicated by artists in other markets… with diverse backgrounds… in different communities… and with limited funds.

To say she succeeded would be an understatement. Susan Silverman of Altamonte Springs, Florida used The Rivky Method™ just 13 hours a week. In less than five short months, Susan brought in nearly $27,000 – in her spare time!

Of course, with results like this, Rivky could continue mentoring one artist at a time to six figures a year or more and slowly expand their Art Workshop “empire”– or they could easily train more artists to teach using The Rivky Method™ and pay her an hourly wage at more and more centers… but the thing is… that’s not good enough for Rivky! 

Like many artists, Rivky believes she saw that her talent is a gift and that it’s her responsibility to share her gift with the world. Rivky’s mission is to bring the peace, beauty, and outlet of art into the lives of as many boys, girls, men, and women as she can.



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