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Having seen my daughter’s happy face every time she came home from an art class, I was encouraged to join myself. I am so excited when I see what my daughter has done and I’d like to see what I can do too.

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ivky’s Art Workshop is a build up program that starts with the basics and climbs to a level of sophistication in a very quick amount of time.

Just like in reading there are basic building blocks.  The five key elements of drawing are the basic building blocks of art that I use as my overall umbrella for how to approach the Rivky Method. 

First, we teach the concept of the line.  Using the eye of the artist, you learn to see the object as a whole and the space it would need to take on the surface of your canvas.  Then we would cover shape so that, let’s say we are drawing an apple, the apple starts to take form on your surface.  But, it’s flat.  So, we cover dimension through the learning of light and shadow.  You learn to see how light enters a room and a shadow is cast that brings life to your apple.  It’s starting to come to life on your canvas.

We cover color and value so your apple becomes more realistic.  Your colors start to take on a variance that occurs as light and shadow interact with your object.  Then, we cover texture which adds the sophistication to the art that you need in order to make it a masterpiece.  So, our students can create wonderful works of art without years of experience because of their introduction to the five key elements.  Of course, with more experience their art will continue to get more sophisticated.  But, it is at this basic level that they already understand enough to move forward.

You can learn the five key elements in a matter of days.  Then, as you are putting the rest of your business plan together and promoting your workshop so that you have a full first class, you can master the five key elements in a few short weeks.  Once you begin teaching, you’ll really start to feel your competence rise in teaching art.  We only need to work with you on a few bits and pieces to keep making you a better teacher as you continue in your success.

But, Rivky's Art Workshop is not merely about The Rivky Method and how to teach art classes. It's a complete business package.

First of all, you’ll get an entire business plan that is custom designed for you.  Included in that is the marketing demographics you will need to understand your business and how to make it grow in your location.  It also includes the company vision and a complete market plan so that you can begin to grow your business immediately.  This business plan would normally cost you several thousands of dollars if you were to have someone design a business plan for you the way we have done here.

As part of the entire package, you’ll also get complete marketing material that has been used to grow a small business of only a few classes to several hundred students in little time.  The marketing material includes flyers, ads and postcards that are custom designed to market your center’s name as the licensee of Rivky’s Art Workshop.  You’ll receive the marketing material in electronic as well as manual format so that you can easily work with them for yourself.  By the way, the marketing that is already in place will help you grow your business too. That includes an impressive internet marketing campaign as well as the ground roots efforts that have always proven successful.

The operations package is quite extensive including the curriculum manual, instructors manual, an operations manual and an employee handbook.  The curriculum manual actually details the perfect period philosophy behind the curriculum.  That’s how the teaching concepts build on each other and are incorporated across the curriculum.

The operations manual is the business in a box.  It shows you how to run the business on a daily basis, but it also takes you from details you need to know before opening the doors to tax issues and such.  Everything you need to know about running your business is in the operations manual.

The employee handbook is included in case you want employees.  Of course, you can run your workshop by yourself.  But if you grow your students to several hundred and would like to hire an assistant or have extra teachers added to the staff, the employee handbook covers such things as how to manage personnel from paperwork to tax issues with employees.

The entire program is well-thought-out and it has been time tested.  Every aspect of running your own business is covered in all the material you are given when you invest in Rivky’s Art Workshop and the Rivky Method.





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