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Discover how learning art can be the greatest gift you’ll ever give to yourself or a loved one.



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Take a look at what our students, parents, and educators have
to say about Rivky’s Art Workshop.

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Two hours of the Rivky Method was as good as sixteen weeks in college!

leah“All I can say is Wow! I met Rivky on a trip this past May, and Rivky enthusiastically gave me a demonstration of her famous “Rivky Method”. In under two hours of instruction, I created a pastel drawing that was as good as – if not better than - the drawings my workstudy student showed me after her first full semester in a university art class! Two hours of the Rivky Method was as good as a sixteen week semester in college!”


Leah Powell Albuquerque, New Mexico


It brought joy into our life

“I remember the first time we took an art class with Susan. When we left there, we went to Costco afterward, and my youngest was dancing through the aisles of Costco. Leaping. All of us were so excited and happy. It brought joy into our life.

I’ve heard my oldest child, who is the shy one, say to her friends ‘I didn’t think I was an artist, but I am! She’s more sure of herself. It’s one more area where she feels confident.

This kind of class just lets you BE. You don’t have to be a mom – you just get to be yourself. You get to explore yourself. When I do my art – it’s just for me. It brings tears to my eyes to say this, but it’s the one thing that is just for me.

Tanna Harris City, Florida


It is never too late to follow your dreams

“Rivky’s Art provides an outlet for each of us, a place where we can tune out all the frustrations of the day, and tune in to our creativity. It appeals to all ages, from young schoolgirls to grandmas like myself, proving that it is never too early or too late to follow your dreams.”

Mrs. I.C.


I am so excited when I see what my daughter has done

“Having seen my daughter’s happy face every time she came home from an art class, I was encouraged to join myself. I am so excited when I see what my daughter has done and I’d like to see what I can do too.”

Mrs. R.S.


“The organized manner in which materials and instruction were presented promoted independence in the students. With your patience and clarity you have provided a chance for success, fostering self esteem in each and every child.”

Estee Liever, Educational Consultant


“At the Parents & Teachers conference this year, the teachers mentioned that children who attend extracurricular programs, such as Rivky’s Art Workshop, have higher percentages of scholastic achievement than those who do not. We are proud that our daughter is a perfect example of that.”

Mr. I.M.


“It’s a wonderful thing for every child. A positive channel for their artistic talent.”

Mr. I.S.N



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