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Open your own Rivky’s Art Workshop Center and have the career of your dreams

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Discover how learning art can be the greatest gift you’ll ever give to yourself or a loved one.




Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this a franchise?

A. This is not a franchise. Our program is designed to maximize the profitability of each art center by limiting them to one center per market area. You are purchasing the license to be the only art center in your area to teach students using Rivky's revolutionary techniques.


Q. Does a Rivky's Art Workshop™ center have to be a full time job?

A. Not at all. You control how many or how few students you want to teach. That’s the beauty of this system – you create it according to your vision, just like your art work. Rivky will show you how to a tract eager students and provide you with effective marketing tools. You determine the mix – you can run a lot of ads to have a booming art center, like Rivky did in her first school in Brooklyn, New York or you can run just a few to keep it small and parttime.


Q. Is Rivky trying to change the way I create my own art?

A. Of course not. Rivky honors and respects every individual’s expression of their artistic abilities. The Rivky Method™ simply provides instructors with the necessary tools to help others easily tap into their own skills. She shows you how to effortlessly bring your students through the process so that they succeed and build confidence through their success. Once they have the basic tools and building blocks they, like all artists, will explore and experiment, finding new ways to fully realize their vision and capture it on canvas.


Q. It’s been a very long time since I’ve done any art work. Is that a problem?

A. Absolutely not. As you go through the training, you’ll find that your abilities that have lain dormant for so long will reawaken rapidly. In fact, Susan, who runs the center in Orlando, Florida was in this situation. Here’s what she said, “I had knowledge of the materials and some ability. I was dry because I hadn’t worked in about five years, when I went to meet Rivky. And Rivky just replenished everything. I really needed, with a little extra push through the door again. And I was able to get back, where I left off.”


Q. How much will it cost to use Rivky's Art Workshop™ to create my own art center?

A. It depends entirely upon your market, but believe me you’re going to get everything you need to set up a lucrative, profitable – even one-room – art center. If you want to go one step further, it depends entirely on what your vision and goals are, and how comfortable you are with your situation now. Rivky will give you a step-by-step plan for growing your art center quickly or slowly, always in the most efficient and economical way.


Q. I’ve seen a lot of other business opportunities. What does your program offer that I can’t get anywhere else?

A. Plenty. For one thing, Rivky will share with you every secret that makes this work – she’s putting it all on the table. You get the entire system. Most business or franchise operations want to keep a tight leash on their franchisees or only turnover programs and systems that have grown stale. They keep the real gems for themselves. Still others ask for up to three or four times as much as the initial investment in Rivky's Art Workshop™. We require only a modest investment. There just isn’t an equivalent comparison of value anywhere in the art industry today.


Q. Do you have an easy way for me to get clients? I don’t know if I can sell my services over the phone.

A. No problem. Although the program is so phenomenal that it practically sells itself, we understand that not everyone is comfortable selling their services. Rivky will even provide an actual, proven script to read over the phone (or to have your front office person read over the phone) that will entice prospects to show up for their classes.


Q. Is our investment tax-deductible?

A. I’m not a tax expert, but I understand there are a number of ways you could legitimately write this training off. Please consult with your own accountant or tax advisor for specific details to be sure.


Q. What about students who take our classes? What will I be doing and what kind of results can I expect?

A. As an artist, you probably recognize that artistic ability varies from person to person. The beauty of Rivky's system is that, no matter what natural talent people have, The Rivky Method™ quickly and easily helps them tap into their talent, assures early success and builds confidence. Once your students are in this program, their personal growth as artists will vary, but I assure you that you will be astounded at what your students can accomplish. As an added bonus, if you aren’t currently excited by what you’re doing for a living, just wait ‘til you hear your students “oohing” and “ahing” over their own work. It will bring art alive again for you – it will restore your original enthusiasm and reignite your workand your livelihood.


Q. What if I’m unsure about something? Is there somewhere I can go for support?

A. Of course! We want you to succeed. But we recognize that we all have different backgrounds and experience levels. The beauty of Rivky's Art Workshop™ is that Rivky is constantly trying new approaches and exercises so her classes never get stale and her students always have new and exciting projects to work on. Whether you would like to take advantage of these extras, or just want a little extra hand holding, you are automatically part of Rivky's continued support program. In fact, as a special bonus available only to those Licensees that sign up in the 1st Quarter of 2008, we’re going to provide six month’s worth of free support at no extra cost.


Q. I’ve always thought that art is a talent you’re born with. Can I really help anyone become an artist?

A. Absolutely. Your students’ skill levels and freedom of expression will differ, but I assure you that following Rivky's lessons, you’ll guide your students and help them shatter any preconceptions they have about their own abilities. They will amaze themselves. As an artist, one of my favorite sayings is “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Q: What do students typically pay to enroll in a Rivky’s Art Workshop Class?

A. Tuition is typically based on an 8 week / 1 hour per week semester and can range from $140 - $165 per student (depending on your particular market). Students are receiving individualized instruction in a classroom setting.

Q: What does a Rivky’s Art License Include?

A. A Rivky’s Art Workshop™ License enables you to own your own Rivky’s Art Workshop in your community to help students from age 6 to adult to improve their art skills. We teach you the business and grant you a license to use the Rivky’s Art Teaching and Business System™. The System includes:

1.         An Education System – so you know what to teach and how to teach.

2.         A Marketing System – to help you attract students to your center.

3.         An Operations System – for daily management and administration.

Q: How are Rivky’s Art center operators supported? 

A. Our goal is to help you to launch your center speedily, comfortably and confidently. You'll receive thorough initial training to prepare you to open your center. Then, on an ongoing basis, we'll be available to answer questions, and if you have a problem, we'll try to help you solve it. We have a comprehensive ongoing support program. Examples of support functions include individual and group telephone conferences; email Q and A; in person consultation and meetings as necessary; updated education, marketing and operations materials.


Q: What is the initial license fee?

A. Licensees currently pay $7,000 at signing. To receive more detailed information about the low cost of starting a Rivky’s Art Workshop™, call us at 1-888-293-5211.

Q: Do I get an exclusive territory?

A. We try to space centers so they are not close enough to compete with one another; and not too far apart so a competitor can provide greater drive-time convenience to customers by slipping in between.

Q: What is the typical profile of a Rivky’s Art licensee?

A. Our candidates believe in the power of art education to change lives. All our licensees care deeply about helping their students reach their potential; and see business as a vehicle for realizing their financial goals. They are enthusiastic, highly motivated, persistent and achievement-oriented.  

Q: What will it cost me to open my first Rivky’s
Art Center?

A. As with any new business there is a start-up cost which includes setting up a center, an initial marketing campaign, and other one-time expenses. This will vary by area but is estimated to cost $21,000 or more. This includes working capital and the licensee fee. The chart below provides an estimate of the initial investment to open one new Rivky’s Art Workshop™. All costs, except for the initial investment fee, are estimates. For more detailed information regarding Rivky’s Art Workshop™ low startup costs, call us at 1-888-293-5211.





$300 to $1,500

(See Note 1)

$2,000 to $4,000

(See Note 2)

$5,000 to $7,000

(See Note 3)

$500 to $1,200


$100 to $1,000

(See Note 4)

$100 to $300


$2,000 to $3,000

(see note 5)

$4,000 to $5,000


$21,000 to $30,000



[1] The estimate is for the first month's rent. Rent will vary according to location and whether the landlord requires a security deposit. The estimate assumes you are not using your home or other residential property as your Center.


[2] The estimate includes initial lease payments for computers, peripherals and other office equipment of $500 to $1,000, for which financing is generally available. The total purchase price of computers is estimated at under $4,000.

[3] The figure given is the current annual rate if you obtain liability insurance based on an assumed Center enrollment of 150 students.

[4] You will have a separate business phone line and answering machine used exclusively for your Rivky’s Art Center.

[5] This is an estimate of the additional funds you will need during the initial period of operation, which we define as 3 months from the opening of the Center. The estimate does not include payroll costs for any employees (most of our licensees do not hire assistants during the first three months). It also does not include any compensation that you elect to pay to yourself, nor any royalties that you would pay us. These estimates have been made based on the business and operations experience of the officers of Rivky’s Art, but we cannot guarantee that you will not have additional expenses starting the business. Your costs will depend on many factors, such as: how closely you follow our methods and procedures; your management skill, experience and business acumen; local economic and environmental conditions; the local market for our services; the prevailing wage rate; competition; and, the enrollment level reached during the initial 3 month period.

Q: What are the ongoing expenses of running a Rivky’s Art Workshop?

A. Other than the royalty, expenses typically include: renting a modest, but presentable, retail or other space in your community (approx. 800 to 1,000 sq. feet); ongoing advertising and promotion; instructors as enrollment grows (paid hourly during teaching times); and a range of miscellaneous expenses, including phone, office supplies, and the like.  

Q: What are the typical hours of operation?

A. The hours may vary, depending on your preference and location. Most are open for instruction from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at least 4 weekdays and Saturday morning.

Q: What type of advertising support can I expect?

A. Rivky’s Art maintains a full line of ready-to-use marketing materials, including formats for flyers, display ads, direct mail pieces, and brochures.  

Q: What type of training is provided by Rivky’s Art?

A. You will attend Rivky’s Art's training program in either Monsey, New York or Orlando, Florida. Training includes both classroom and interactive training. Our comprehensive program will cover step-by-step use of the operations manual and all the areas important to your success as a Rivky’s Art Workshop owner. The cost of this initial training is included in your license fee. You will be responsible only for your own lodging and travel expenses.

Q: What advantages does Rivky’s Art offer that other licensees might not? 

A. Most of our licensees tell us that an important factor for them in choosing Rivky’s Art is the nature of the work. They want a personal opportunity as well as a financial opportunity. They want to enjoy what they do. They want to look forward to going to work every day. Additionally, our licensees want to own a business that makes a real difference. They work better when they are passionate about what they do. They find fundamental problems with other education opportunities, including one or more of the following: high initial fees, exorbitant royalties, huge investment costs, unfair territories, complicated business models and multiple subjects instead of a focused approach. These flaws diminish results for the students. Rivky’s Art has the independent research that shows superior results from our method. Rivky’s Art licensees also tell us they care about who they are joining. They like being part of a licensee community of accomplished and caring individuals.



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